EnvoTech is a company dealing and serving in the industrial and commercial sectors through two main areas “ventilation systems, environmental protection, and filtration” in addition to the associated types of equipment.
Regarding environmental protection in terms of controlling dust, fumes, and emissions we specialize in dust collection units, production filters, and serving heavy industries by mean types of heavy-duty blowers and also belts, buckets, and screw conveyors, for powder materials and other related products.

  • Regarding industrial and commercial ventilation, air quality, and smoke withdrawal, we have built our efficiency through years and successful projects and the application of practical and effective solutions that have developed our trust with our customers and turned it into a success story.
  • Therefore, Envo Tech for Environmental and Ventilation Projects expresses an integrated entity in terms of designing and finding engineering solutions, manufacturing, and supplying, as well as an entire department as a contractor for the implementation of integrated projects until final commissioning, maintenance, and guarantee service.
  • The development of our business did not stop at this point, as we united and cooperated with major local and international companies working in the fields of pollution and dust control, manufacturing industrial and domestic ventilation units, blowers, fan sections, jet& smoke fans, motors, and air curtains as well, as well as an agent for parts of impellers companies for industrial fans and cooling tower fans, Thus, we are an importer and a local agent for international distinguished brands in the same field.



Since we started, we have been striving to be among the best companies in our working fields.
Respect for our customers and attention to the quality of our products and solution methods it’s the first priority for our team.
We also set our sights on developing our means and always learning new methods, which makes us respected and appreciated by our customers, because meeting customer demand is our first priority.


EnvoTech looks forward to being a pioneer in ventilation and environmental products with the highest quality and international standards to spread our products so that we can expand and reach our customers and spread our business culture to far horizons.

Pioneers in environment and ventilation projects since 2011



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