• Specific Design: ENVOTECH offers a specific design to its clients from 500 to 500.000 M3/hr, with specific parameters of [flowrate, Static pressure, and temperature] that make your dedusting system efficient, economical, and dependable.

• Automated dedusting system: ENVOTECH proposes a dedusting system with many options that lead to make your dedusting system efficient, safe, and fully automated.

• Advanced Filtration: Our pulse jet bag filter provides excellent filtration efficiency when it is compared with any traditional dedusting system.

• Maintenance and warranty: ENVOTECH Provide filters with easy maintenance capability, in addition to our support in maintenance during our warranty or other time.

• Cement
• Pharmaceutical
• Food & Beverage
• Chemical
• Foundry
• Powders
• MetalWorking
• Ceramics
• Glass
• Woods
• Sands
• lime

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